Month: December 2018

Episode 6.01/6.02 – La X – Teaser Snippet 1

Update: 19:00 I can confirm that the correct answer has been posted by someone in the comments. You’ll have to guess which one though 🙂 I’ve managed to collect some more teasers/snippets that I’ll be releasing over the next couple of days/weeks. Here is the first one. * A Fan Favourite is seen again in

Episode 6.05 – Lighthouse – Jack Centric

Thanks to Purple Flash for letting us know that Episode 6.05 is Jack Centric. Hey are filming Jack centric episodes now but the character Dogan (played by the famous Japanese actor) is also in Jacks alt reality. He has also been filming scenes recently on the Temple set. Source: Purple Flash@DarkUFO

Small Filming Snippets

Update: 13:45 Old link and photos removed at the request of the owner. Thanks to Liesbeth for the heads up on these little snippets from Carlton Cuse’s Twitter Account. Matthew Fox Filming *Just off the plane in Honolulu. I love that first smell of trade breezes and jet fuel. * Sitting on the set with

Episode 5.03 – Jughead – Review

I wasn’t going to post anything about the third episode of Lost’s fifth season, but after watching it on Friday in a packed room filled with television journalists at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, I figured I at least had to allude to it. After all, it’s not everyday that you get to

Small Article On Sanada Hiroyuki

Thanks to Donna for the heads up. It was formally announced that actor Sanada Hiroyuki will appear in the hit US TV drama series ‘LOST Season 6′. Sanada has appeared in a number of Hollywood films such as ‘ラストサムライ / The Last Samurai’, but Bandar Ceme it will be the first time for him to

Our Sources Ratings For Episodes 5.01, 5.02, 5.03

I thought it would be fun to ask all my sources who have seen the first 3 episodes of Season 5 and for them to give us a rating out of 10. I also asked them to give us their ratings on The Constant,Through The Looking Glass and Stranger in a Strange Land for comparative

Various Filming Updates From Twitter

Thanks to Luthien for collecting all these filming reports from Twitter users around the island. Here are the messages with links… @sluky Blue blazer and maybe khaki slacks — hard to see from our position. He was drinking bottled water and talking to the crew.[/quote]@lylyford It was cool! Central Middle was supposed to be some