Episode 5.03 – Jughead – Tca Viewing Spoilers

Update: 17th Jan Thanks to Zedman for the heads up on this report.

TCA Panel

ABC are currently showing Episode 5.03 to the Press. We’ll update this post with spoilers as they come in so stay tuned. New spoilers will appear at the top.

From Ausiello : At the end of the episode, a significant character dies. I think.
From Ausiello : Someone says, “You’re in my life now — you and Charlie.
From Ausiello : Although Claire has been benched this season, she will be back for season 6.
From Ausiello : Cuse confirms that “you’ll definitely see Jin this season… He’s a series regular.”
From Ausiello : A male character makes this shocking declaration: “Because I am in love with the woman sitting next to me
From Ausiello : Are they concerned that all the time travel this season will leave viewers, ahem, lost? “Time travel has been in the show’s DNA from the beginning,” says Lindelof. “The audience is prepared to go on that journey with us.”
From Ausiello : Sawyer has a lot to do this year,” says Cuse. Adds Lindelof: “A lot of the focus was on the Oceanic Six last year… this year we tried to make up for lost time [with Sawyer]. Josh has been doing amazing work.”
From Ausiello : A male character poses this question to another male character: “I assume you’ve come back for the bomb.
From Ausiello : We will be seeing a “lot more” of Nestor Carbonell and has been signed up for Season 6 as well.
From Ausiello : Someone gives birth in the opening minutes!

Source: EW