New Sonya Walger Interview All right, when are you returning to Lost?
Sonya Walger: No idea. Not a clue. I don’t even know if I’m in the last season. Do you think Penny should die in the end?
Walger: Are you saying in a sacrificial way, Penny needs to die? I hope not because Penny’s so great. There would be mass outcry, but you know what, they killed off Charlie, so anything can happen. I feel like her dad should be the one to bite it. I am not kidding. Were you nervous about joining another mythology-heavy show?
Walger: No, not at all. It’s funny, I didn’t even think of Lost when I read that script. It sounds bizarre or naïve, but I really didn’t. I read the script and I was so excited by the writing and by this character, by this woman who is complicated and says ‘I hate you’ to her husband when she means ‘I love you.’ She’s a professional and a surgeon and a mother. I didn’t see any similarities to Lost. I honestly still don’t. I see them as big shows that have one big exciting event, the catalyst that gets it all going with an ensemble cast. I see that, but after that they just part ways. There isn’t a mythology to FlashForward in the same way. There’s not codes to decipher … There’s not islands moving and polar bears and smoke monsters, that’s not in our show … yet anyway. Did you ever work with Dominic Monaghan on Lost?
Walger: This is the joke of me being a part of Lost, I haven’t met three-quarters of that cast. I’m not kidding. I would be as star-struck as you would be if I met Matthew Fox. I actually only met Dominic on a photo shoot for FlashForward — that was the first time we met. He comes into play in quite a significant way in this show. I can’t really tell you anymore than that. He’s a good part of it.

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