Poll: What Is The Best S5 Spoiler Revealed So Far!?

Hey All,
This past week I have recorded several segments for a couple podcasts about spoilers for Season 5 and I realized that we have so MANY good spoilers this season!! Thanks to all of our contributors and sources!!

In a recent interview I was asked what my favorite/best/biggest reveal for Season 5!? I really did not know how to answer it, but I eventually settled on getting the confirmation that the Island does indeed travel through time.

So it got me thinking as far as what all of you out there think!? So I chatted with Dark and we complied this little poll. It was hard even to get to just this list of 10, so I added an “Other” selection.

So what do you think is the Best Spoiler of Season 5 so far!?

Since many of you are picking and choosing what spoilers you read this season I am posting the poll behind a button just in case.

So beware of potential Major Spoilers in poll.