Small Filming Snippets

Update: 13:45 Old link and photos removed at the request of the owner.

Thanks to Liesbeth for the heads up on these little snippets from Carlton Cuse’s Twitter Account.

Matthew Fox Filming

*Just off the plane in Honolulu. I love that first smell of trade breezes and jet fuel.

* Sitting on the set with Jack Bender. His boots up on the monitor stand, he watches intensely while directing a beautiful crane shot.

* We’ve moved outside under the tropical night skies. Matthew Fox is doing some fine and subtle work, but no scene spoilers here.

Source: Carlton Cuse@Twitter

And some pictures:


It’s a scene with Matthew fox He is the only one there with a bunch of extras I tried to get in but ,well You know That’s LOST

Looks like a Jack Centric. YAY.

Source: Strobie@Twitter