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Set Photos – 10Th October

Thanks to Annie for the heads up on these recent photos taken on the set. Nothing very revealing but does that look like a grave to you? Source: mearlus

Latest Filming Updates And Snippets

Thanks to Purple Flash for the following snippets. 1) They are back (10/13) filming at Diamond Head Studio and Jacob is one of the characters slated to appear.Other characters who had scenes at Diamond Head (Bender Unit): Hurley, Jin, Dogan(I believe this is the Asian fellow) 2)Detective Rasmussen who talks to Kate at the hospital

Small Filming Snippets

Update: 13:45 Old link and photos removed at the request of the owner. Thanks to Liesbeth for the heads up on these little snippets from Carlton Cuse’s Twitter Account. Matthew Fox Filming *Just off the plane in Honolulu. I love that first smell of trade breezes and jet fuel. * Sitting on the set with

Various Filming Updates From Twitter

Thanks to Luthien for collecting all these filming reports from Twitter users around the island. Here are the messages with links… @sluky Blue blazer and maybe khaki slacks — hard to see from our position. He was drinking bottled water and talking to the crew.[/quote]@lylyford It was cool! Central Middle was supposed to be some