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Saïd Taghmamoui Returns For Filming

Thanks to Thomas for the following. In a french magazine “TV magazine” there is an article about celebreties, and more precisly about Saïd Taghmamoui. Which said that between 2 trips to Hawaii, where he continues the shoot of Lost

Lost Returns

Thanks to Hoku for the heads up. Ever since the characters of “Lost” were first stranded on that crazy tropical island, with its monsters, mad scientists and mercenaries, Hawai’i actors vying for roles on the hit drama have known it was harder to get onto the island than to escape it.Advertisement Not anymore. This season,

Small Article On Sanada Hiroyuki

Thanks to Donna for the heads up. It was formally announced that actor Sanada Hiroyuki will appear in the hit US TV drama series ‘LOST Season 6′. Sanada has appeared in a number of Hollywood films such as ‘ラストサムライ / The Last Samurai’, but Bandar Ceme it will be the first time for him to