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Episode 5.03 – Jughead – Tca Viewing Spoilers

Update: 17th Jan Thanks to Zedman for the heads up on this report. TCA Panel ABC are currently showing Episode 5.03 to the Press. We’ll update this post with spoilers as they come in so stay tuned. New spoilers will appear at the top. From Ausiello : At the end of the episode, a significant

Latest Filming Updates And Snippets

Thanks to Purple Flash for the following snippets. 1) They are back (10/13) filming at Diamond Head Studio and Jacob is one of the characters slated to appear.Other characters who had scenes at Diamond Head (Bender Unit): Hurley, Jin, Dogan(I believe this is the Asian fellow) 2)Detective Rasmussen who talks to Kate at the hospital

More About Claire’s Return But No Return Of Rousseau

UPDATE: I have just been informed by Dark that his source has confirmed that Mira Furlan is NOT the person Kristin was referring to. They would not confirm who it is, but I guess the folks on that poll are still a possibility. Hopefully we will know soon!! Here is the latest tidbit from EW’s