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Episode 6.04 – The Substitute – Snippets

Hey All A while back I emailed 10+ contacts/sources and asked them to each send in a little teaser/snippet about Episode 6.04 that they would be willing share with you. Here are all the responses that I’ve received so far. I will have some more hopefully on friday or saturday once I’ve collated the remaining

Latest Filming Updates And Snippets

Thanks to Purple Flash for the following snippets. 1) They are back (10/13) filming at Diamond Head Studio and Jacob is one of the characters slated to appear.Other characters who had scenes at Diamond Head (Bender Unit): Hurley, Jin, Dogan(I believe this is the Asian fellow) 2)Detective Rasmussen who talks to Kate at the hospital

Episode 6X05 – New Set Report And Pics

Hey All, Our good friend Ryan from Hawaii Blog has posted a summary of several filming updates and set pics from the last few days of filming. Most of the tidbits have been posted, but the most recent filming from today was Jack and Hurley waiting the arrival of Jacob at what appears to be