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New Sayid Billboard For Skyone

I have posted this in the Media Mentions section, but with so many Annie fans I had to post this here also. Full details of the billboard are at the MM link. (Click to Enlarge)

Latest Filming Updates And Snippets

Thanks to Purple Flash for the following snippets. 1) They are back (10/13) filming at Diamond Head Studio and Jacob is one of the characters slated to appear.Other characters who had scenes at Diamond Head (Bender Unit): Hurley, Jin, Dogan(I believe this is the Asian fellow) 2)Detective Rasmussen who talks to Kate at the hospital

More Snippets And Teasers

Here is the latest batch of Snippets and Teasers that my various sources have allowed me to post. These are from various Episodes from 6.01 up to I assume 6.05 and 6.06 * A character you would NOT expect sits next to Jack* Someone becomes ill in the toilet and needs Sayids help* Kate “jumps”