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Episode 6.04 – The Substitute – Snippets

Hey All A while back I emailed 10+ contacts/sources and asked them to each send in a little teaser/snippet about Episode 6.04 that they would be willing share with you. Here are all the responses that I’ve received so far. I will have some more hopefully on friday or saturday once I’ve collated the remaining

Episode 6.04 – The Substitute – Snippets – Part 2

As promised here are the remaining snippets/teasers from my various that I asked them to send in. You can see Part 1 here. – Sun insists they bury someone properly– Frank makes a comment about the “weirdest funeral ever”– Ben makes a touching speech– Sawyer is drunk when he reunites with a familar face– Someone

Episode 6.06 – Sundown

Here is the title of Episode 6.06 – “Sundown”. No confirmation on centricity but I would guess Sun or Jin or both for now. So it seems Darlton are still Bandar Ceme Online following a mirror of Season 1 Centrics. Next up in theory would be Charlie but I doubt that, so who will 6.07