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Episode 6.04 – The Substitute – Snippets

Hey All A while back I emailed 10+ contacts/sources and asked them to each send in a little teaser/snippet about Episode 6.04 that they would be willing share with you. Here are all the responses that I’ve received so far. I will have some more hopefully on friday or saturday once I’ve collated the remaining

Episode 6.04 – The Substitute – Snippets – Part 2

As promised here are the remaining snippets/teasers from my various that I asked them to send in. You can see Part 1 here. – Sun insists they bury someone properly– Frank makes a comment about the “weirdest funeral ever”– Ben makes a touching speech– Sawyer is drunk when he reunites with a familar face– Someone

More Snippets And Teasers

Here is the latest batch of Snippets and Teasers that my various sources have allowed me to post. These are from various Episodes from 6.01 up to I assume 6.05 and 6.06 * A character you would NOT expect sits next to Jack* Someone becomes ill in the toilet and needs Sayids help* Kate “jumps”